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Hosting your own casino night does mean plenty of thought but it should be fun. From rolling out a red carpet for your guests to deciding on a theme and some snacks, there is a lot to take care.

Try to go the extra mile and you could post out detailed invitations which include the dress code and a list of themed cocktails.

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Roll Out a Red Carpet

To allow your guests to fully immerse themselves in the casino experience, it helps to provide a VIP experience.

That could be anything from employing someone to welcome them in at the door to finding a red carpet and rolling it out.

By adding a velvet rope and a photographer, your guests can get to think that they are stepping into the classiest of establishments.

The Theme’s Bond, James Bond

Forget Las Vegas for a moment as you could get ever more sophisticated with the theme for your casino night.

With a James Bond theme your guests have free rein to turn up as the secret agent himself, a villain, or simply wear a tux or a cocktail dress as they would in a casino scene in the films and books.

Casino nights should be fun and a large element of that could be from dressing up and playing a certain role.

themed casino night

Finger Food

While the games are ongoing and the bets are coming in thick and fast, you cannot expect your guests to be enjoying a sit-down meal.

Keep the food to a snack size like finger sandwiches or mini sliders and leave it available for them to nibble on during breaks or just after they have gone all in.

The finger food buffet will allow your guests to enjoy some food during the moments that they are hungry yet still allow them to mingle.

Try to keep the grease to a minimum as you do not want marks on your playing cards and for chips to contain a smidgen of dip.

Themed Desserts & Cocktails

The refreshments are important and, alongside the finger food buffet, you can provide themed desserts and cocktails.

Consider adding a piece of sugar paper designed as a playing card on a cupcake. Perhaps you can even have cookies that take on the appearance of poker chips.

If your guests enjoy a cocktail with their chips and cards then keep them classic and relevant, perhaps ones you could expect to be served back in the Roaring Twenties.

Choose a Dress Code

That dress code can tie into the James Bond theme but you could also go with a Great Gatsby theme.

Allow your guests to get fancy but be loose with it as it could simply be a Vegas-themed night. Whether you go for a chilled theme or a more formal one, stick to it.

Send Out Invitations

Make sure that your guests know all the requisite details by including it all on an invitation you can send out beforehand. This is also an easy way to make sure that you know how many are coming on the night.

Work out the details well in advance and then send out the invitations a few weeks ahead of the event.

You could even incorporate the theme in the invitations as formal ones from the Twenties or as huge playing cards. Ensure that the details are relevant and include the date, time, and location of your casino night.

If applicable, the dress code should be included as well as whether plus ones are allowed.

Make sure that you note down the start and end times as well as your contact details and allow space for responding with any allergy information.

have fun on your casino night

Check the Law

Yes, it is tedious but having a commercial casino night without holding the required license is almost certainly a felony. If the word gets out, you could face a knock on the door that comes with a sizable fine and even a prison term.

In the United States, gambling laws vary across states so check that your night complies with the law on a local, state, and federal level.

You will need a permit to run a profitable casino business but one for fun is totally legal.

To ensure that you remain on the right side of the law, provide guests with play chips rather than cash. Prizes can still be allocated out for the individual with the largest heap at the climax of the night.


Hosting a casino night should be fun and part of that can come from the planning, if it is executed well.

From choosing the right theme to laying out a red carpet if you have one, there is a lot you can do to make the night memorable.

As long as your guests do not feel inconvenienced by having to don a tux like James Bond or align with a certain dress code, everyone can have fun.

Whatever you decide to go with, check the law first as you should have fun but stay  reasonable at the same time.

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