Gas Station Slots vs. Online Games – Where Can You Win More Often?

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Slot games can differ greatly depending on where you play them. In that context, we’re all aware of constant land-based vs. online slot game comparisons, in which the latter generally comes out victorious as the smarter choice to bet on.

But, how do gas station slots fare in this regard? Can slots located in convenience stores and gas stations potentially offer better payouts than online slot games?

Let’s cover a few fundamental aspects to get a clearer picture of where you can win more often.

How Do Gas Station Slots Differ from Online Slot Games?

At face value, a gas station slot is nearly identical to a virtual slot game that you play in online casinos like Online Casino Malaysia.

However, there is one important difference. Unlike most online slot games, gas station slots involve an element of skill.

The level of the required skill can vary significantly. For example, it can be merely more than a guessing game.

But, it can also be a memory game that heavily favors your ability to concentrate and memorize the presented cards.

Depending on how well you play, gas station slots can be rewarding. For instance, a skilled player can get better RTP than a beginner.

This is a very alluring aspect of the game, as it appeals to every player’s nature to think they have the skills to achieve above-average payouts.

However, this is a double-edged sword. Let’s say that a gas station slot offers an RTP of 97%, and the skill element makes up 5% of it. If you play perfectly, you can get slightly above-average payouts.

online vs gas station slots

But, if you play poorly, you’re potentially up for an RTP of only 92%. This is considerably less than what you’ll find in most online slot games.

In comparison, there’s no such risk with regular online slot games. A quick glance at the payout table will let you know how much you can expect to win over time.

There’s no risk of getting below-average RTP for making poor decisions. You simply need to pick a game that offers payouts of at least 95% to 96% and enjoy playing.

Gas Station Slots Don’t List RTP

A huge negative aspect, and one that skews this page almost entirely in favor of online slot games, is the fact that the vast majority of gas station slots don’t have transparently listed RTP percentages.

In rare cases, this information will be available for you to check. But, you shouldn’t generally expect to see it.

The reason for this is that slot game developers usually offer several options for setting RTP. This enables the gas station or convenience store to select which one they want to have.

So, as there’s no universal RTP, the developers choose to omit data on this vital aspect of every slot.

Of course, this doesn’t automatically mean that the gas station slot offers poor payouts. But, most players aren’t comfortable playing a game while being in the dark and not knowing what payout percentages to expect.

However, it does mean that finding a more favorable game is much easier when playing online slots. You can quickly check the RTP and have peace of mind knowing how well the specific game you’re playing pays out.

Gas Station Slots or Online Games – Which One to Pick?

There’s not much gas station slots can offer you that you can’t find in online slot games. The only reason to go for these games over online slot games is when you want to try something different and mix things up a bit if you’re a regular gambler or a poker player looking to have some fun.

gas station or online slots

Other than that, online slot games are a far better pick if you want to win more often. Most notably, they are much more transparent, as you always know what the RTP is, so you don’t have to guess whether the game you’re playing is favorable or not.

Plus, online slots generally offer the best RTP percentages.

Not to mention, you can obtain significant additional value in terms of online bonuses, promotions, and loyalty benefits. So, if you’re deciding between the two, we recommend going with online slot games any day of the week.

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