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The floating poker slang term refers to calling a bet regardless of the poker hand value in an effort to set up the opponent on a later street.

Usually, it’s followed by a bluff, in a hope that the opponent gives up their mediocre holding and don’t opt for a hero call instead.

Floating is a risky tactic but a very popular one in the professional poker world. Players who know how to float efficiently can add this to their arsenal as another weapon to improve their profitability.

So, let’s take a look at a typical example of a floating strategy. Your opponent raises before the flp, and you call even if you don’t have a very strong hand. They bet again on the flop, and you call without a made hand.

Then, on the fourth street, if your opponent checks, you bet out yourself In most scenarios, this psychological game will cause your opponent to fold.

Ivan Potocki

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