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Full house

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What Is Full House

A full house, also referred to as a full boat (or just a boat) is a poker hand consisting of a three of a kind combination coupled with any pair.

For example, KKK QQ is a full house as well as 777 JJ.

It is common to name full houses by the three of a kind combo, so in our examples, you’d be talking about Kings Full of Queens and Sevens Full of Jacks.

When comparing poker hands, the winner is always the player holding the stronger trips, so a hand like 444 55 beats a hand like 222 AA.

Other than this, what beats full house?

In general, this is a very strong hand and it’s not very common to lose with a full boat. However, it does lose to all straight flushes and four of a kind combinations, while beating all other possible poker hands.

Often in Hold’em, a player will have a full house that’s the absolute nuts and won’t have to worry about any other hands.

Full House Odds

With this important information out of the way, what are the actual odds of making a full house in Hold’em?

While this is a very strong hand, you’ll get to see it much more frequently than other powerhouses like quads and straight flushes:

  • Flopping a full house when holding a pocket pair: 0.98%
  • Getting a full house on the flop with an unpaired hand: 0.09%
  • General odds of flopping a full house with any hand: 0.14%

You have the best odds of making a full house with a pocket pair. When you flop a set with a pocket pair, your odds of improving to a full house or quads by the river are actually 21%. Odds of making a full house by the river after flopping a two pair with an unpaired hand are 16.5%.

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