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A peel in poker is when you call a bet mainly because you want to see another community card in the hopes of making a better hand.

Players most often make the peel call when they’re holding a drawing hand or some other hand with an uncertain value.

For instance, let’s say you just have a 7c8c hand, and you decide to call a pre-flop raise from an opponent in the late position.

As the flop comes up, it reveals a 9c, Qs, and 3d. Your hand has some potential, so you decide to call a flop bet and peel another card.

In this case, your luck can go one of two ways. You can get a random card like a 3s, and the only thing you can do is fold if someone makes a bet.

Or, you could get a 10c, in which case you get a huge window of opportunities and are potentially in a position to win big.

Overall, peeling can be a good strategy if used carefully and responsibly but is not recommended for beginners.

Ivan Potocki

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