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Side pot

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A side pot in poker is exactly what it sounds like. A side pot is created once one player goes all in, and the other players continue betting on the side.

The main difference between the main pot and the side pot is that only the players who are still betting are in play to win the side pot.

The players who went all-in in the main pot are only eligible to win the main pot. Moreover, if there are multiple players going all-in during one hand, multiple side pots can be created.

To make this a bit clearer, let’s say you’re playing a Texas Hold’em no limit game. One opponent raises the bet to $50, and you call it by going all in. The third player at the table re-raises to $100, and the player who raised first calls this bet.

As you went all-in on the previous bet, you’re only in play for the main pot and not the additional side one the two players have created.

Read more about side pot rules and strategies in our extensive article on the topic.

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