Rabbit Hunting

Rabbit hunting

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Posted by: Ivan


The rabbit hunting poker term refers to when a player peeks into the upcoming undealt hands after completing the previous hand.

It’s not always allowed, but in most cases, the dealer will allow the player to go rabbit hunting, especially after a bad beat or after folding.

For example, you’re playing against only one opponent and have a solid 7s, 8s hand. The flop produces a 10s, Qs, and an Ah. You have a flush draw but still don’t want to risk it.

So, you decide to fold after your opponent bets out or makes a raise.

Naturally, you’re itching to find out how your luck would have played out if you decided to call, so you ask the dealer if you can go rabbit hunting to see the two cards that would have been dealt.

Ivan Potocki

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