String Bet

String bet

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A string bet is a type of poker play in which the player doesn’t put all of the required chips into the pot in one motion.

It’s considered an unethical move and it is illegal in most poker venues as it creates room for malicious players that want to angle-shoot and take advantage of their opponents.

If a player makes a string bet raise and doesn’t verbally declare it, they can be forced to withdraw the raise and just call the bet instead.

For example, if you want to bet $100, you can’t toss in $70 worth of chips into the pot, pull back your hand, and add another $30 into the pot.

But, if you verbally announce that you’re putting in $100 total, you can do so because this will allow other players to know the exact size of your total bet.

Keep reading about string bets in poker and how to protect yourself against them in our extensive guide – read more.

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