Strip Poker With Your Friends: How to Enjoy Your Time

Strip poker with friends

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Strip Poker is an embarrassing and funny poker variation. Actually, the rules do not differ from most other variants. Except for one significant point, that is: players stake their clothes instead of chips.

Since strip poker aims at entertainment rather than money or thinking, quick game variants are preferable. To add, no one wants to stay without clothing for too long.

Other than this, there are no restrictions for your great evening in a friendly company, even if they don’t know how to play poker.

If you are sick of all the board games that lie on your shelves, you might want to try this unusual and unexpected way to spend your evening.

Poker and Strip Poker: What’s the Difference?

Strip poker, or shortly SP, is the variation of poker, which is as old as the game itself. The main difference is that stakes are made with garments.

The unluckiest player is often said to have lost their shirt. But, unlike regular poker, it’s not about money; it is literally about clothes. While in poker, the loser is the one who runs out of chips, in strip poker, the one who is left without clothes loses.

The game aims to be a barrel of laughs, an amusing way to spend time with your friends. Intriguing, breathtaking, confusing, and hilarious, strip poker will undoubtedly diversify your evening and spice up your party.

Before the Game Begins

The game of fun and embarrassment or an intimate evening, what is your vision of strip poker? Choose the way you want to spend your time and find a couple of things:

  • a person or a group of people who share your views of strip poker,
  • cards (oddly enough, any card game requires a deck of cards),
  • some chips (we’ll explain the purpose later).

If you have finished making a mess and found in your wardrobe a deck, chips, and the right person, get comfortable and heed the rules.

A Strip Poker Game in 6 Easy Steps

Without a doubt, you can turn any type of poker into strip poker. But it will probably slow down the process, and the thrill may disappear during the game. It won’t be an easy and hilarious game anymore, but a real battle of wits. Why do you call it strip poker then?

Strip poker rules

Let us tell you about a very fast and simple variation of strip poker. It consists of six little steps and is ideal for people with a modest poker experience. It is basically a slightly changed variation of Texas Hold’em.

  1. Getting prepared
  2. Washing and Dealing the Cards
  3. The Crucial Moment: Flop
  4. An Additional Stage
  5. The Flop and the River
  6. Climax

Though this game is designed for two people (and therefore is called heads-up strip poker), you can play it in a company.

So, let’s start.

1. Getting Ready

Lock the door, draw the curtains, light some candles, and turn off the lamps. Make sure you have enough cushions. The temperature should be comfortable for all the players. Create the necessary atmosphere by choosing the right music.

We firmly believe that now you are ready to play. Do you get the jitters?

Oh, by the way, prepare some chips. It should be the same for all the participants (You aren’t a cheat, are you?). One chip equals one item of clothing, nice and easy.

Finally, we are ready to start!

2. Washing and Dealing the Cards

Duelists, take your cards! You have already shuffled and handed them out, haven’t you? No? No problem? Let’s do it together.

Well, to start with, wash the deck: a self-respecting person should have a clean gun. Oh, don’t look at the text with your mouth wide open; there is nothing to worry about.

In Strip Poker, washing means spreading the cards face down and mixing them up in an elegant move like dealers do, that’s all. That’s a nice way to randomize the cards before the game.

Now, each participant gets two cards. Have a look at them; you should know what you’re holding. Hey, they are admirable, but a single gaze is enough for the moment. We haven’t told you all the rules yet.

Strip poker game

Two cards are given to each player. No, this time, you are not allowed to look at them. You have stared at the previous two for too long. It’s a joke, but really, don’t look at them yet. It’s time for the third step.

3.The Crucial Moment: Flop

So, a desperate struggle for attire begins. Raise your flags! Burn a card!

Honestly, you may do without raising any flags, but it’s better to burn the top card of the deck. No bonfire is needed; just put it away, right into the discard pile.

You are a beginner, but some experienced gamblers can try to guess the card. It’s an unfair move, isn’t it?

Now lay three cards in the middle of the table. The cards flop face up on the wooden (or some other) surface. From this moment, they are referred to as community cards because each player can use them.

Wasn’t it fast? You burn the top card, you deal the community cards, and you finish the flop. Yeah, these actions are called the flop! Congratulations, you’re one little step closer to becoming a strip poker master.

4. An Additional Stage

We suggest that you play a slightly changed version of strip poker. If card changing is allowed on the flop, the whole game will be a bit more entertaining.

This stage of the game is perfect for a company of people who haven’t played so much before and don’t know much about poker odds and numbers.

Let everyone decide if they want to exchange the cards that lie face-down. The fact that they don’t know what cards they discard is critical. Once the decision is made, the cards can’t be taken back.

5. The Flop & the River

It’s time you’ve finished dealing the community cards. Do you remember how to burn a card? Great, it’s the perfect moment to do it once again.

Now let’s add a card to the flop. This fourth card that lies face up is called the turn. Sometimes it’s referred to as 4th street.

Repeat all the actions mentioned in the previous paragraph, adding the fifth card. The only difference is that this card is called the river or the 5th street.

All the cards are on the table, and players can figure what combinations they can create and what is the best one. Five cards are required to make a poker hand.

Will you show each other your cards at the end of the game, saving the intrigue till the very last moment? Or will you expose them on the flop, turning every next move, every card pulling into a thrilling moment? It’s up to you.

6. Climax

The most thrilling part of the game is called the showdown.

Let’s see who the winner is and, more importantly, who is the loser. The unlucky one with the worst combination loses one life.

The number of your lives equals the number of your chips. Along with a chip, a participant loses an item of their clothing. That’s what this game is all about!

The player with the best hand may be called a hero, but, unfortunately, that’s all he or she gets.

Repeat these simple steps until one of you loses everything. Embarrassment is the price of misfortune, and in this variation of the game, a poker slow roll gets a whole new meaning!

How to play strip poker

A Fun Game Is a Fair Game

We doubt that all the players will have the same outfit, but the game should be fair. That’s the reason we suggest you use chips.

Every item you wear is valued and gets its cost in some amount of chips. The total of chips needed to leave a player without clothes must be equal.

In case one person has fewer garments than others, you can use accessories or assign different values to your items. In the latter case, a player will have several lives before losing a particular piece of clothing.

If you want to get an example, here you are:

Player 1:

  • Dress – 3 chips
  • Shoes – 1 chip
  • Earrings – 1 chip
  • Total – 5 chips

Player 2:

  • Shirt – 1 chip
  • Pants – 1 chip
  • Socks – 1chip
  • Boots – 1chip
  • Watch – 1 chip
  • Total – 5 chips

Make your game fair and entertaining for everyone.

What Is Appropriate Company for Strip Poker?

It depends fully on you. The aim is to have fun, but the game may still be embarrassing and confusing. So, play with the people you feel comfortable around.

The best candidates are those who are close to you and who you can confide in.

Oh, no, stop, don’t go to your mum. Family members, we mean parents, grandparents, and siblings, are not the best company to play strip poker with. Give preference to chess, monopoly, or some puzzles.

The perfect team for strip poker is a group of friends or a couple of lovers. If you don’t feel at ease with someone, then this person will unlikely be an appropriate candidate to join you.

Though, in case you are absolutely self-confident and uninhibited, a company of strangers may also suit you. Who knows, it might be the start of some great relations?

There is no need to point out that table selection is the crucial point. Don’t hesitate to search for the best company.

How Big is the Perfect Strip Poker Company?

It doesn’t really matter. Oh, well, it would be great if you found at least one person to play with. A mirror or yourself isn’t the best candidate for strip poker. It would be rather strange or at least sad, you narcissist.

So, we have determined the minimum number of players. The upper limit depends on the poker variation you’ve chosen. You can add players till you have enough cards if it’s okay for you.

If we are speaking about the perfect team, it consists of 2-6 people. To be precise, it comprises either 2 or 3-6 players according to the purpose of the game.

In case when a couple plays the game, strip poker creates an intimate and romantic atmosphere. This flirtatious game is called heads-up strip poker. If you desire to have fun and a barrel of laughs, then a group game is what you need.

Have fun playing strip poker

What Is Necessary To Play Strip Poker?

  • Frisky and cheeky mood (it’s the main thing)
  • A sense of humor (it makes everything better)
  • A deck of cards ( a small but essential detail for poker)
  • Chips (remember about a fair game)
  • Drinks (if you like)
  • A locked room with curtains (calm down, nothing criminal will take place)
  • Beautiful underwear (it will help make you feel less embarrassed and more confident)

Strip Poker: Case in Point

We have explained to you in detail every stage of Strip Poker in 6 Steps. As it was already mentioned, this simple six-stage variation is primarily for heads-up poker.

But you may want to play the game with a company of friends. Well, here’s a quick strip poker variant for this case.

  1. All the players should have an equal number of items.
  2. Each player nominates a garment as a stake.
  3. Hand out five cards to each player. They can look at two of them while the rest of the cards lie face-down on the table.
  4. Deal the flop.
  5. The cards in hands, one or both, may be exchanged for 1 or 2 unknown cards. Discarded cards are out of the game.
  6. Deal the turn.
  7. A single card can be exchanged with a face-down card. It’s up to the players to decide if they want to take this opportunity.
  8. It’s time for the river.
  9. Showdown! As you remember, during this stage, we find out who has to remove an item of clothing. Do you remember what garments the players staked?
  10. If you are left naked, wait for another game. Better luck next time.

In case you want to extend your pleasure, poker chips may be helpful. For example, one item equals three chips. If you want, on the contrary, to speed up the process, group some objects. For instance, glasses, watches, and jewelry can be united as accessories.

And remember the following. A good example is definitely extremely useful, but nothing can teach better than practice.

Can I Play Strip Poker Online?

Technologies develop, and new opportunities for gamblers appear. Strip poker is no exception.

Your lover and/or friends are far away? You can’t wait to see them and, maybe, to play some spicy game? Well, video calls make everything possible.

Just ensure that all the players look at the same table. We suppose that some people might have tried this way of having fun during the lockdown.

Additionally, if all the players are in one room, there are no cards, but you are eager to play, you can watch a poker game online. Everyone chooses a player, and if the player loses, you or your friend remove a garment.

It may be breathtaking to follow the game which you depend on but cannot influence in any way. It’s also beneficial for beginners as their opponents don’t have an advantage. Furthermore, no one needs to know the rules.

Strip poker online

But seriously, isn’t it far better to buy a deck? It’s a piece of cake! And you may substitute poker chips with some other objects.

All this being said, playing strip poker in person is more intriguing, of course.

May I Alter the Game a Bit?

Why do you ask? Oh, pal, now we know for sure that you are a rule-breaker. If you hadn’t asked this question, we wouldn’t be able to stop you.

Ok, seriously, sure you can. If the game seems to be a poker variation and you stake your garments, it can be called strip poker. It’s up to your company to decide the details. Here are some tips to make your game entertaining for everyone:

1. The game should be honest.

If your friends have no poker experience, it will be unfair to choose a complicated version of the game. We know you want to prove you’re number one and to demonstrate your skill to these newbies.

Ok, who are we to stop you? So, what’s going to happen next? You win easily, but your friends are convinced that you are a cheat. This is your last game.

The result is as follows: one victory, one evening among naked and disappointed pals, no more friends, no more strip poker. Well done, dude.

Nevertheless, if you guys are experienced players and are ready for a tense game, more power to you!

2. Creativity is welcome.

It’s your own game, and its goal is to amuse you personally. Therefore, feel free to alter the rules, add new elements and, even change poker hand rankings if you’re so inclined. No strip poker rulebook exists!

3: Discuss and clarify the rules.

The game can be changed as you please, but it must be equally amusing for everyone. Make sure each player understands the rules and agrees with them.

4. Ensure that everyone is comfortable with the game.

Strip poker may be confusing for some people. Not everyone will find it pleasurable to get naked when other people are looking at them and to sit without a kit. Don’t force anyone to participate, or you can lose a friend.

5. Don’t make people regret their decision.

People who agree to play strip poker can still feel uncomfortable. If you don’t want your pals to run away anytime they see you coming, don’t stare at them and keep your comments to yourself. You are a player in a strip poker game and not a jury in a beauty contest.

You can also try to play an existing version of poker that you haven’t played before. It’s quite easy to find as many variants as you like.

We can’t help giving you a piece of advice (otherwise, what are you reading this article for?). One of the most helpful and trustworthy websites for gamblers, Online Casino Mag, can be of great help to you. Read more about poker and find the most attractive one.

I’m Not Sure I’m Ready to Play Strip Poker

It is no wonder that not every person will find strip poker a decent and entertaining game. There are many shy people who would be embarrassed to take their clothes off in front of others.

If you don’t feel like playing, it’s okay. Don’t force yourself to play. A bad experience will ruin your mood instead of setting it.

In case you want to play, but you are too shy, the essential thing is finding the right company. Your true friends won’t make you feel embarrassed.

Should I play strip poker

In any case, remember that the goal is to entertain yourself. People will likely laugh at the fact you have had bad luck and lost your garment, not at the things you dislike about your figure. They are just happy to win a game. Imagine what you would think and felt if someone else lost.

Be yourself and don’t do anything you are uncomfortable about.

Why Do People Play Strip Poker?

Taking into account the fact that you are reading this article (and this passage is far from the beginning), you are bored of all other party games and look for something spicy.

Strip poker gives you enough motivation to play seriously, but the game doesn’t turn into a desperate struggle. Your self-esteem might suffer a bit, but your life, health, and your actual poker bankroll are out of the woods.

On the other hand, the stakes are high enough to make you sweat with excitement. You don’t want to lose and remove your clothing in front of your pals, do you? Or, maybe, you are going to play with your lover, and it’s okay with you?

Why play strip poker

Certainly, you can stake something else, for example, rare trading cards or the last cookie. But it won’t be strip poker anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Strip Poker

Question 1: What is strip poker?

Strip poker is a card game in which participants lose garments instead of chips. In case you lack fortune or playing experience, you risk staying naked.

Question 2: How to play strip poker?

Numerous variations of poker exist, and they all can be played as strip poker. The main point appears to be that the one who loses has to take off their garments.

Question 3: Can I play my favorite poker variation as strip poker?

You definitely can. Strip poker isn’t about the specific poker rules, it’s about the thing the unlucky one has to lose. Though, if a game takes too long, it may become less exciting. Take it into consideration in case you play with people who have no poker experience.

Question 4: What can I do to provide my guests with the best strip poker experience?

Try to create a comfortable environment for the players. It’s quite easy:

  • A place where no one will bother you,
  • A warm room,
  • Low lighting,
  • Pleasant music and drinks to set the mood will reinforce the impression.

Have Fun Playing Strip Poker!

To sum up, strip poker can easily diversify your party and be an intriguing alternative to the games you are used to.

The essential condition is to find the right company for the strip poker game. Then discuss the rules and find a poker variation that will be quick enough and clear to everyone.

In this article, we have explained the rules that are easy to follow even if you’re a newbie in poker. Besides, we have mentioned possible actions to change strip poker according to your preferences.

When the rules are set, check the number of clothing items and find chips, if needed.

Now you are ready for a strip poker game. Have a blast playing, and don’t be afraid to experiment. As long as you’re all having fun, you’re doing it right!

That said, if strip poker just isn’t your thing, check out our Irish Poker guide for another cool game you can enjoy with your friends.

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