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There are many video poker games to choose from at online casino. Developers created these games to induce the element of freshness in the same old video poker players.

Each new video poker game format has something different to offer customers, like gameplay, aesthetics, strategies, and more.

So, if you are new to video poker and want to try out the best video poker format for you, then you have come to the right place.

Below are the top-of-the-cream video poker formats that you’ll likely find at many online casinos like 1Win. So keep on reading to learn more about the top video poker variations out there.

Popular Video Poker Formats That You Will Love

Jacks or Better

A list of popular video poker formats is incomplete without Jacks or Better, as there is hardly any casino in the world that does not offer this popular variation.

Also known as “9/6 machines,” Jacks or Better is the most played video poker format in the world. Since this is easy to find, it is a great way to start video poker for beginners.

Its strategies are also readily available online, so it is relatively easier to master this game quickly.

Another great reason you will love it is its payout. The 9/6 machine pays nine credits for a full house and six credits for a flush.

This is more than any other standard video poker format, as others offer eight credits for a full house and five for a flush. With a payback percentage per hand of 0.995, Jacks or Better has made it to the top of our list.

Tens or Better

If you like Jacks or Better for its payout, then be ready to be surprised as Tens or Better is the spitting image of Jacks or Better, but only with better payouts and a slight change in the payout table.

In this video poker variation, you get paid after scoring a pair of tens or better rather than a pair of Jacks or better.

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The Tens or Better video poker is interesting because of two payout tables; one pays 0.991 while the other pays an expected return of 0.980 per hand.

So, for example, the first pay table will pay you 25 credits if you hold a four-of-a-kind hand, whereas the other paytable will pay you only 20 credits for the same hand.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is another popular title found on many casino sites. Deuces Wild is a “wild” video poker popular for its varying paytable ranging from the expected return per hand of 100% to 0.95.

Since this game is so generous, people love playing it using strategies, and it’s hard to find an empty video poker machine that says wild in the title. A prominent example is the title ‘Not So Ugly Ducks Deuces Wild.’

Pick-em Poker

Do you want even bigger payouts? Say no more; we have got you covered! Pick-em Poker is the one you are looking for if all you want is to win more money in a short period.

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Pick-em Poker offers some of the best-expected returns per hand. For example, for a royal flush, you get a payout of 1,200, a full house is 18, 9s or better is 2, a straight flush is 239.8, etc.

Final Thoughts

If you’re eager to play video poker online after reading this article, you’ve probably found a variation that matches your expectations.

We have mentioned all the famous and high-paying video poker formats suitable for all players. Everyone should be able to find at least one that suits them in this mix.

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