5 Differences Between Blackjack and Poker Players

Blackjack and poker players differences

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Both blackjack and poker are considered among the most iconic and popular casino games. From the point of view of an amateur, blackjack and poker might seem similar, but if you have played them before, you know how different they actually are.

While these games have much in common, they also vary in some distinctive ways, which you might want to consider before testing your luck and playing them.

While winning at blackjack relies mostly on the player’s ability to stick to a strategy, poker forces players to clash against each other in a contest that relies on skill, psychology, and deception.

Blackjack and poker are perfect for those who might want to try something different than waiting for the lottery results. Both games are highly entertaining to watch and participate in, so they should be evaluated separately.

However, they often end up being lumped together, especially by those who don’t know much about one or both of them.

For this reason, it is worth taking a closer look at the differences between blackjack players, who also often happen to be eager to follow detailed strategy guides, and poker players, who prefer to be flexible.

With that being said, here are five differences between blackjack and poker players!

Playing Style

The majority of blackjack players prefer to follow a specific strategy to the letter. While it might seem like a tedious approach with little to no room for creativity, it guarantees that you will not take any unnecessary risks.

You can enter an online casino like High 5 Casino with your head held high, knowing that if you just stick to the plan, you cannot go wrong.

On top of that, blackjack players are likely to keep quiet, except when dealing with fellow players. On the other hand, poker players are known for being flexible and striking up conversations with opponents, mainly to figure out what cards each opponent has.


It is safe to say that blackjack players play with simplicity and convenience in mind. If a gambler decides to play a game of blackjack, it is to stop worrying about anything other than playing according to a detailed strategy.

Poker players motivation

It might seem a bit complicated, but just a few blackjack games can make an absolute beginner understand what such an approach is about.

On the flip side, poker players play to become better, test different approaches to the game, and find ways to beat the most challenging opponents.


One of the biggest differences between blackjack and poker players is the difference in demeanor.

Blackjack players tend to be quiet and reserved, as their main focus is on beating the dealer and not interacting with others at the table.

On the contrary, poker players love to talk, particularly when the table is surrounded by people. Striking up conversations with other players at the table is a part of a strategy, as it can help you figure out what poker hand the person you are talking to is holding.

It might seem like an underhanded approach, but it is highly effective for getting ahead in the game.


To become a great blackjack player, you just need to get your hands on a deck of cards and have a basic knowledge of the rules.

You can learn everything you need to know in a short period of time by reading books and online tutorials. On the other hand, poker takes years of practice to master.

Before you become a talented poker player, you should expect to spend hours practicing to develop strong skills in reading your opponents and controlling your own emotions whenever you have a bad hand or go on a downswing.

Sticking to One Table

While you might think that the best way to get ahead is to play on as many tables at once as you can, blackjack players happen to know better than that. The more tables you play at once, the more complicated it becomes to keep track of the dealers.

Blackjack and multitabling

Because of that, blackjack players usually stick to one/two tables. On the flip side, poker players, particularly the experienced ones, love multi-tabling.


Blackjack players love to play quickly and really appreciate a dealer that can shuffle the cards after each hand in the blink of an eye, as it allows the player to spend more time playing the game.

On the other hand, poker players do not like being in a rush. Instead, a poker player will take it slow and use the additional time as an opportunity to read their opponents and deduce the hand of each player seated at the table.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, blackjack and poker players differ quite a bit. While blackjack players are quiet and stick to detailed strategies, poker players like to get creative and chat with opponents.

Moreover, blackjack is much easier to master for beginners, while it might take you years to master poker.

However, both games require luck and skills, and that is what connects blackjack and poker players. No matter how skillful you become and how much knowledge you manage to acquire, pure luck can still decide the outcome of any individual hand or series of hands.

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