Gamification in Online Gambling – What Does It Mean?

Gamification in online gambling

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Online casinos have been around for several decades and have only gotten more popular with time.

The latest trend in online gambling, gamification promises to bring a new dynamic that will make online casinos even more entertaining and fun to play than land-based ones.

To learn everything about gamification in online gambling and how it works, read our detailed article on the topic.

What Is Gamification in Online Gambling?

From the context of online gambling, gamification aims to add further immersion and interactivity to the experience by introducing elements we can find in video games.

It’s an unfamiliar concept in the gambling industry, as many players think this innovation will affect how their online casino games will work.

In fact, gamification is aimed towards the entire casino experience and what players can do when playing in a specific gamified online casino. It doesn’t change how you’ll play any particular game.

Gamification as a term covers many different aspects, and it would take much more than just one page to cover everything it entails.

That said, we can break down some of the top gamification features and characteristics found at many online casinos in Las Vegas.

Mission-Based Playing

This is the most obvious and popular feature of gamification in online gambling. It works exactly as it would in any video game, just with a gambling twist.

When you’re placing bets on slots or video poker, you can engage in in-game tasks, take up missions and quests to trigger specific bonuses or enhanced prizes. There are already a handful of casinos that offer such features.

Online gambling and gamification

Game Leaderboards

Online gambling leaderboards are a great way for casinos to entice their customers to increase their betting frequency.

Each time you bet and the better your results are, you’ll climb up the leaderboard.

If you manage to place yourself among the certain top number by the time the leaderboard competition is done, you’ll receive a prize from the casino.

Social Media

Social media has become a big part of our everyday lives and is also a significant aspect of gamified online gambling.

The gamified landscape of online gambling can be an excellent way for you to share your progress and achievements with other players.

From the casino’s perspective, they’re getting free publicity every time one of their players tweets or posts their success.

The Online Gambling Market is Evolving

The online gambling industry is firmly going through its fourth decade, and it seems like it’s stronger than it’s ever been.

That said, just like with any other entertainment sector, consumers can get bored and lose the interest if they don’t experience innovative and exciting products every once in a while.

The rapid popularization of gamification in online gambling shows that the industry is evolving and that players are in need of more content.

Today’s online casino players are more tech-savvy than any other previous generation, and they need gambling content that will keep up with their demands.

Moreover, most people who are playing in online casinos have grown up with video games and have learned to thrive in such an environment.

Luckily, there is healthy competition in today’s online gambling industry, as gaming operators are also looking for the next big thing to capture the players’ attention.

Benefits of gamification

Is Gamification Here to Stay?

Since we’re witnessing the early stages of a new gambling trend, it’s hard to say just how wide the scope of gamification will be and how long it will last.

It certainly has a great platform to work with, as online casinos have been one of the most innovative online sectors over the past two decades.

From live casinos to excellent mobile gambling platforms, online casinos have been pushing the envelope year after year. And, with all of this in mind, gamification looks like the next big thing.

As the lines between gaming and gambling get more and more blurred with each passing year, it will only get more attention going into the future.

Considering this, it’s safe to say that this latest craze is certainly here to stay!

Should You Sign Up With a Gamified Gambling Site?

Gamification in the online gambling industry has only been around for a few years, and most casino players haven’t even heard about it yet.

So, without broader adoption, how do you know if you should jump on this rising trend or simply let it go by without participating in it?

Well, the rule of thumb you can go with is pretty straightforward.

If you’re more of a traditional gambler who enjoys games like Ultimate Texas Hold’em, the added features likely won’t do anything for you.

On the other hand, if you like constant challenges and excitement of progressing and leveling up with time, you should undoubtedly consider signing up with a gamified gambling site.

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