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Reddit is one of the most popular social websites in the world, along with the likes of Facebook and Instagram.

Unlike the two platforms I mention here, Reddit is more similar to a forum, where people from all over the world can post about topics they are interested in.

Whatever your field of interest, all it takes is one simple search on Reddit, and you will be presented with a whole range of topics to read and comment on.

For poker players, the simplest search to use is “poker,” and that’s exactly why Reddit poker is an extremely active one. Here, players and fans of the game have been sharing their thoughts on the game for many years.

Whether you are looking to learn poker, get some real stories from the poker world, or simply have a good laugh, the poker Reddit has enough content to keep you busy for hours.

Reddit is a constantly updated and ever-evolving platform, so you should never really run out of content to browse through. But what exactly is on Reddit poker? Here are a few things I can guarantee you will find plenty of.

1. Poker Opinions

If there is one thing people like to use Reddit for, it is to give their opinions on various topics, and Reddit poker is filled with people’s personal views on different things in poker.

From reviewing particular online poker sites to talking about recent events in poker or gossiping about poker players, the poker Reddit forums are loaded with personal opinions of players on all levels.

Poker reddit

You can use Reddit to share your own views of things, comment on the views of others, or simply read through what’s out there and find out what everyone has to say on the topic at hand.

The great thing about Reddit poker is that you can share your opinion on there no matter how controversial.

You get to discuss things with people without much standing in your way.

I would say it is important to remain respectful when discussing things, but Reddit is not exactly a platform where people come to be respectful.

You might find that out in the worst of ways if you are not ready when going into it, which leads us to the next thing you are likely to encounter.

2. The Trolls

This one is certainly not exclusive to just the Reddit poker, but the platform in general. Reddit is a favorite spot for trolls of all sorts. So, you better be ready for a whole lot of sarcasm and trolling if you want to post or comment on the poker Reddit.

If you are not a troll yourself, you may not see much point in trolling. However, there is a whole community of people who quite literally thrive on putting people down and making sarcastic and snide jokes to counter basically any argument.

Trolls are everywhere on Reddit, that’s just the fact. If you want to stay active on the platform, you will need to learn to either join them or ignore them altogether.

You may be tempted to discuss things with trolls and give them reasonable explanations for your comments and actions, but this simply won’t work.

Unlike reasonable people, trolls don’t care about being right or coming to conclusions. They just want to flood conversations with nonsense, hurt people’s feelings, and put everyone down.

Trolls should be treated as what they are, which is creatures not worth your attention. Ignore the trolls and keep on with your discussion with anyone who has something real to say.

3. Bad Beat Stories

One of the things you learn along the way as you get better at poker is to stop talking about bet beats and telling your bad beat stories, as it simply doesn’t do anyone any good.

Bad beats and cooler hands are a part of the game. Like it or not, you are going to have a lot of them. You must learn to deal with them and take your bad beats in stride.

However, if you enjoy a good bad beat story and like seeing people suffer, Reddit poker is the right place to go.

You will find a daily collection of some of the worst bad beat tales out there.

Every day, you will see multiple people post about losing particularly gruesome hands or being stuck a lot on sessions of live poker, with a few bad beat stories to tell you how they got there.

These can be fun to read at times, and they are also a great reminder of just how hard poker variance can be even on great poker players.

Reddit poker stories

On other occasions, you might just have a nice chuckle, as players will post poker hands they played atrociously and eventually lost, presenting them as the worst of bad beats.

Whether you enjoy them or not, you will find plenty of bad beat stories on the poker Reddit every day. The best you can do is simply avoid them if they are not your cup of tea.

4. The Memes

If you are on the internet, like so many of us often are, just to have a good laugh, Reddit poker can be a truly great place.

The space is always flooded with innovative and funny memes that true poker fans will know how to appreciate.

Ranging from making fun of famous poker players to practical jokes relating to common poker situations and just generally making fun of the game, the memes on Reddit poker never disappoint.

Poker memes are usually only funny to poker players. Without knowing the poker lingo and some of the internal stuff that happens in the poker world, you might not find poker Reddit too funny.

Either way, I highly recommend scrolling through this particular part of Reddit if you do like poker. I can guarantee some laughs and cackles as you scroll the top-rated posts.

5. Poker Lessons

If you want to learn poker, poker forums and poker Reddit can be a great place to start and accumulate some knowledge along the way.

Within this Reddit, you will come across quite a few actual hand analyses, ranging from very simplistic ones made by amateurs to highly complex solver-based analyses definitely worth your time.

The one problem with learning poker on poker Reddit is that things are not very organized. It’s mostly just a bunch of random posts that might not make too much sense on their own.

I recommend using Reddit as your source for poker wisdom only if you are already a semi-competent player.

There is still a lot of trolling happening on there, and it can be hard to tell trolls apart from real players if you don’t know what you are doing.

Yet, for the more experienced poker players, Reddit poker can be quite a solid place to find some helpful materials, hand analyses, and more.

6. Fun Poker Stories

Poker is a social game that tends to attract all sorts of characters and stir up drama. If you want to hear about some of that drama, Reddit is the place to go.

There is no shortage of fun poker-related stories on poker Reddit, ranging from the previously mentioned bad beat stories to just fun things that happen in poker rooms across the world.

best online poker reddit

Whether it’s a story of a home game getting robbed, a player getting shoved into when holding a straight flush, or someone terribly misreading their hand for a huge pot, stories you will find on Reddit are unmatched.

The one problem with such stories is that there is no way to check their validity.

But, in all honesty, it doesn’t really matter if a story is true or not if it’s entertaining enough.

Visitors of the poker Reddit will have their fill of stories if they come back and read them on a daily basis, with posters from all corners of the planet sharing theirs around the clock.

7. Poker Questions

Whether you are an experienced player who is looking to help less experienced colleagues or a novice at the game with some questions about it, poker Reddit is the place to be.

You will find dozens of poker-related questions asked and answered on a daily basis, ranging from the simplest ones to the more complex strategy queries.

I really believe that Reddit is one of the best places to ask your questions about poker if you don’t mind the occasional trolls, as a lot of people scour through it daily.

If you have some constructive and good answers to questions others are asking, by all means, get involved and share them with the poker community.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a good answer, I would ask on behalf of everyone in the poker world to refrain from posting at all and keep trolling to the minimum.

Which is Better, Reddit Poker or Poker Forums?

Over the years, a debate has stirred up in the poker community over which is better, poker forums or poker Reddit?

Poker forums have been around for a long time. Many of the world’s elite players like Doug Polk got their start on poker forums. They started from scratch and advanced through the various stakes to poker stardom.

Poker Reddit, on the other hand, has generally been a more relaxed community of people sharing their stuff and not taking themselves too seriously.

For players looking to become really good at the game, I would certainly say that poker forums have more to offer, including insights from some of the greatest online players around.

Poker Reddit, on the other hand, will definitely give you a lot of entertaining material if you are just looking to have some fun, relax, and enjoy the game of poker in its purest form.

Poker reddit vs poker forums

There is no clear winner to this debate in my mind, but poker forums still definitely win in terms of providing actual poker coaching and help with your game. Reddit is the place to go for some fun and casual poker convos.

Getting Started with Reddit Poker

The best thing about Reddit poker is that you can get started whenever you want and enjoy it at your own leisure.

The platform is completely free to use, and you can set up an account using your email address in just a couple of minutes.

You can even browse through the poker Reddit without having an account to get acquainted with it and see if it fits your preferences.

Whenever you are ready, simply set up your account and start posting on the poker Reddit as you see fit. Even if you are there simply to troll others, it is generally accepted by the Reddit community without too much judgment.

What I mean to say is Reddit is a community made for everyone. You will not go wrong if you use it any way you see fit, so get your account set up and enjoy poker Reddit your own way!

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