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Tom Dwan is one of the best-known online poker players and a pro who has managed to transition from online poker tables to live tournaments and see notable success.

As a representative of the younger poker generation, he is one of the most entertaining players to watch on the poker tour.

If you’ve ever asked yourself how much is Tom Dwan worth and what were some of his most impressive and lucrative results, we’ve got the answers to both questions!

What’s more, we’ll take you through Tom Dwan’s poker journey and his career highlight moments and even take a look at his poker style and what all of us stand to learn from him.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s see what is Tom Dwan net worth according to various reports.

Tom Dwan Net Worth – His Career So Far

It’s generally more challenging to precisely pinpoint the net worth of an online poker player than a live poker player.

But, according to the bulk of the information available online, Tom Dwan’s net worth is estimated at around $10 million.

Depending on where you look, you’ll find sources claiming he’s worth up to $100 million. And, while no one except Tom can know for sure, this number is probably over-inflated.

For reference, the total documented live poker earnings Tom Dwan has made over the years are close to $6 million.

Add to this his online poker profits over the years, and the $10 million net worth seems very reasonable and realistic.

With all of that in mind, we want to turn back the clock and take a closer look at how Tom Dwan built his net worth over the last decade and a half.

Early Life and Online Poker Beginnings

Tom Dwan was born in 1986 in New Jersey. He was born in a middle-class family and was set for an average life path like most of his peers.

He worked at McDonald’s in his teen years and attended engineering classes at Boston University.

However, his studies only lasted one year, as he decided to drop out of university and pursue a career as a professional poker player.

Dwan was first introduced to poker at the tender age of 17 when his friends convinced him to try his luck on the online poker platform Paradise Poker.

It was then that he picked his online poker nickname, “durrrr,” a name devised out of an inside joke.

Little did he know that this name would stick with him during his rise into one of the most dominant and feared online poker players.

Quick Rise to the Top of the Online Poker World

When he started playing poker, Dwan primarily competed in sit-and-go tournaments. He saw moderate success in this field but eventually decided to switch to cash games and later heads-up cash games.

tom dwan poker career

Player images courtesy of PokerGO

Tom Dwan has always had a turbulent poker career with many ups and downs. This is mainly due to his extremely aggressive style of play, which we’ll get to later.

For example, by 2007, he managed to build up a bankroll worth $3 million.

However, he then lost $2 million over just four months, decimating his bankroll. But, within a year, he fully recovered from this massive loss. This was no coincidence, as Dwan had a similar pattern in 2009.

At the start of the year, Dwan lost more than $3.5 million. However, he again managed to recover in just six months.

While he was ahead each year, the downswings and upswings marked his online poker sessions.

2010 was arguably the most turbulent year for Tom Dwan’s net worth and bankroll, as this was when he saw his biggest wins and losses.

By April 2010, he was ahead by over $7 million for the year. But, in just three weeks, he lost $4 million.

Playing Live Poker Tournaments

After seeing some massive wins playing online poker, Dwan also quickly tried out his skills at live poker tournaments.

He first finished in the money at a major event when he came in 12th at an EPT tournament when he was just 19 years old.

However, his second in the money finish didn’t come until he was 21. In 2010, he achieved his best result at WSOP when he came in second in the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event. The next year, he cashed three times at WSOP.

Despite still being known as more of an online poker player, Dwan recorded some notable wins during the 2010s.

At one point, he even held the record for the largest live pot won in a televised poker game, which was more than $1.1 million. He set this record on Full Tilt Poker’s Million Dollar Cash Game.

After nearly a decade of impressive results, Dwan decided to slow down and maintained a fairly low profile from 2016 onwards.

He still competed in some high-stakes games, though. In fact, he spent a lot of time playing high-stakes games in Manila and Macau.

Full Tilt Poker Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge

Held at the Les Ambassadeurs Club in London and broadcast by Sky Sports, The Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge offered poker players the opportunity to play directly against durrrr.

Players would pay $250,000 for the chance to play. The challenge would continue until 500 hands are played or until one of them busts out.

The final round of the challenge made Dwan even more popular in the online poker world.

He made one of the most historic bluffs in the history of televised poker events when he went all-in on with pure air against his opponent’s two pair.

Dwan won two out of three games in the Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge, taking home just shy of $800,000.

Tom Dwan’s Five Biggest Career Prizes

As Tom Dwan spent most of his career playing online poker, his live poker winnings seem fairly low compared to his peers’ winnings.

Still, he has achieved a number of notable results in live poker tournaments in the past decade or so. Here are Tom Dwan’s five biggest career prizes:

5. $359,000 – Triton Poker Series, Madrid

The 2022 Triton Poker Series in Madrid was a very successful tournament for Dwan. He finished in the money in four events, winning over $900,000.

The $359,000 came from him taking first place in the $30,000 No Limit Short Deck Hold’em event.

4. $381,000 – 41st WSOP, Las Vegas

The 41st WSOP was the closest Dwan ever came to winning a WSOP bracelet. Unfortunately, he lost to the New Zealander Simon Watt but still took home one of his biggest career wins.

3. $447,000 – Aussie Millions Poker Championship, Melbourne

Tom Dwan has seen success at the Aussie Millions even before this 2014 result, but never to this extent.

Placing after legends like Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu, among others, Dwan finished sixth out of thirty entries to collect a $447,000 payout.

2. $624,000 – Triton Poker Super High Roller Series, London

In a private and exclusive event featuring big names like Phil Ivey, Ben Lamb, and Xuan Tan, Dwan took fifth place and over $600,000. At the time, this marked the biggest live poker win of Dwan’s career.

1. $793,000 – Triton Poker Super High Roller Series, London

The Triton tournament in 2019 proved to be Dwan’s most successful few days. Just a few days after winning the $624,000, he recorded his biggest career live poker win when he added $793,000 to his name.

Tom Dwan’s Poker Style – From Online to Live Poker

If you take a look at the best of the best, you’ll notice that many poker pros often have a tight-aggressive play style.

However, unlike most of his rivals, Tom Dwan owes his career successes to a significantly wilder and more aggressive style of play.

tom dwan winnings

This led to many huge ups and downs in his career, as we’ve mentioned before. But, besides playing very loose and wild, Tom Dwan also has an impeccable understanding of poker basics.

His strong grasp of the fundamentals of the game makes him a very unpredictable and dangerous player.

And while this play style is not recommended for the vast majority of poker players, it just seems to work for Dwan. His crazy bluffs have often made poker highlight reels and built up a reputation of being a maverick.

The Flourishing Career and Net Worth of Tom Dwan – More To Come

Tom Dwan is still in his 30s, meaning there’s still a lot of room to build on his current success and make an even more significant legacy he can look back at the end of his career.

That said, he has already built up a net worth most poker enthusiasts can only dream of.

Even so, Dwan hasn’t won any major live poker tournaments. So, while he’s established himself as an online poker legend, he’s yet to win a WSOP bracelet, a WPT, or an EPT title.

He’s come close to winning the first two and undoubtedly has the talent and skill to break the ice and capture a major live poker tournament win.

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